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Diving holidays are fun.  Whether jetting to Gozo or the Red Sea, there’s something about packing your fins, snorkel and mask that makes you feel all is good with the world.  For a few days, a few weeks or if you’re rich a few months – you feel like the most adventurous and impressively cultured diver striding  into the blue.


But for some of us the love of British diving is all encompassing. We all love a bit of David Attenburgh and if you’ve been watching his latest television extravaganza, you’re bound to recognize many sites that us intrepid BSAC’ers have frequented over the years.

Last year we headed to Pembrokeshire on Jim ‘bad boy’ Baker’s trip – where the puffins puff, the Welsh drink and the tide goes out – like way out!  We’ve been to Kinsale in Cork with Kev ‘baddest boy’ Hynes – where the seals squeal, the Irish drink and the tide comes in – like way in! We’ve even been to Scapa in the Orkney Isles  – where the wrecks are scuppered, the Scottish drink – can’t remember what happens to the tide, too busy joining the Scots.

AND then there is Portland, the thalwat of southern British diving and certainly ASAC’s.  On a good day it’s wet and windy and on a bad day it’s wet and windy, which means there are never any nasty surprises.  Our RIB Ariel Diver (the old and the new) has frequented the surrounding waters since the early ‘90’s and if only it could tell the tales.

The first trip of the year to Portland is Moira’s Easter trip.  This trip has been running for what must be 20 years and involves finding easter eggs on the trusted Countess of Erne.  Sitting just inside the harbour wall it is only a five minute poodle on the RIB.  The rules are easy – find the easter eggs and win a prize.  The rest of the weekend is one of food and fun and a bit of diving when the weather is kind. This year it was very kind.

More recently Cecilia aka Seals has been organising a trip to West Bay.  Yes – West Bay of Broadchurch fame. As a club we used to dive out of Lyme Bay but more recently Seals and David Thwaites drive the boat around Portland Bill and we base ourselves there for a long weekend.  The sites are fabulous, our old favourites Balytiano and the Sunset Coral Reef never disappoint.

For those with a bit more experience there are many wrecks and sites out of Portland from the Black Hawk Bow, Bennendijk, Aeolian Sky, James Fennel and many more.  There are several trips organised by different members through the summer so look out for them in our dive calendar or our website.

At the end of August Shireen and Maggie are organising the Portland extravaganza over the August Bank Holiday week – this is a fab trip to finalise training, just get wet and enjoy the warm summer waters.  By the end of August the water temp has increased to a lovely 18/19 degrees.  BBQ’s and sunsets on the beach, leisurely breakfasts and toward the end of the season knowing you have ticked off the dive bucket that is Portland.

Then at  the very end of the season we all go a bit mad and Kev and Mags organise Dive Diva.  A themed fancy dress dive weekend that’s  full of fun.  2023’s theme is all the fun of the circus – let your imagination run wild and once you’ve sought the advice of Madam Rosa’s crystal ball, who knows what you might come as.  There is a game plan with prizes and a prize for the most creative costume.  One not to be missed if you want to be crowned Dive Diva or Dive Adonis!

But alas, all good things come to an end and as we pack our dive kit, rinse the boat and raise a final toast to the organisers and with a heavy heart head back to where we came, we are already thinking of the next trip to Costa del Portland …….

Unless your Ginny – who lost her car keys and haunts the Marina to this day

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